Sun Salutation - Vicky May

I will be sharing a beautiful early sunrise waking practice of Surya Namaska: Sun Salutations.  
This will be a slow and gentle practice with modifications, adaptions to asanas, suitable for all levels of ability and beginners.
We will practice outside to truly connect and commune with nature and start the day with positive intentions. 

A fun, gentle yoga class suitable for all abilities. 

About Vicky

I teach gentle hatha yoga in East Sussex: beginners, yoga for all abilities and pregnancy yoga. I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Life Studio, Eastbourne. 
In my early twenties I trained as a textile designer. After having children I completed the certificate in Adult Education to teach textiles/creative arts,
later moving into Skills for life department teaching  a variety of courses... I then found yoga :)

Yoga changed my life positively and  significantly and I am still learning everyday, a yogic life is life long learning.
As you work towards the goal of yoga or liberation, you become more capable, more confident and more efficient in whatever you're doing in your external life.
You become aware of yourself on many levels.

Yoga has brought me peace and happiness and I enjoy sharing hatha yoga practice. I am looking forward to sharing my classes again at the fourth Sun and Moon festival.