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The Painfree Method - Althea Finch

Welcome to the PainFree experience!

On this special introductory session of The PainFree Method™ you are going to learn how to start clearing your pain.

You'll learn-

  • The exact steps to start healing and feeling pain relief.

  • Why pain is in your body and how to clear it.

  • How to identify the root cause to stop pain returning.

This is part of the 12-week Pain to PainFree Program - pain release.

Step one: Get pain gone.
Step two: Keep pain gone.
Step three: stop pain returning.

About Althea
Althea Finch is a pain-free specialist.
I help women with chronic or long term pain escape the misery of medication & be permanently pain-free.

Having worked as a complementary therapist for over 30 years and studied many holistic and intuitive modalities including Shiatsu,
Reiki and other energy therapies, I’ve developed my own system designed to bring out self-healing and transformation so that you can release pain
and get back living the life you really want.

I help people who feel trapped with physical or emotional pain to work with their body’s natural rhythms to clear, balance and strengthen the body, allowing it to return to full and vibrant health.

It takes time to experience the full healing changes but you will start to feel relief as soon as you begin.


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