Introducing Gestalt - Iban Miguel Antolin

What to expect with these two workshops.

1st session:
An introduction to Gestalt and a warm up session 'Walk As If...'
Walk as if you feel really heavy, your feet sticking on the floor...
Then walk like a very light person who is almost flying, imagining a song that guides our movements...
and more.
We close the eyes after each set of movements, being aware of how we feel inside.
Plus a gentle meditation. 
2nd day/2nd workshop:
Another dynamic, another warm up; but let's go a little deeper.

Closed group circles and emotions when 'left out' of the circle. 
An introduction of 'Authentic Movement', a body sensitive exercise with closed eyes and a lot of sacred energy.
This is usually a big connecting exercise, containing a good sense of spirituality through the group and the inner body. 
We will share our energy and begin to feel what our co-workshops members feel.
We will say goodbye with no talking, we will talk with the eyes, showing gratefulness and thanks.