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Emotion Code Heartwall Session - Maria Barrington

Emotion Code and Body Code are healing systems developed by Dr Bradley Nelson based on the knowledge that emotions that are not fully expressed,
for whatever reason, remain trapped in our bodies and can create problems.  Releasing the trapped emotions enables the body/mind/spirit to return to balance. 
The Heart Wall is one of the major discoveries of the system.  When the heart gets hurt the subconscious mind will often seek to protect us by drawing trapped
emotions from other parts of the body to create a 'wall'.  While the Heart Wall exists we will often feel disconnected from other people,
we may have shoulder problems, and we may feel low in mood.  This is because the true love we offer from our heart becomes distorted as it tries to navigate the
Heart wall, just as the true love others offer to us is affected before it reaches our heart.
In this workshop we will release some (or maybe all) of the trapped emotions creating our Heart Wall.  The effects can be dramatic.
About Maria

In my 7th year of life I had an experience where I was suddenly in a place of extraordinary light and profound, unconditional love with two Beings. I was filled
with joy, knowing I was Home, then devastated to be told I could not stay. I ‘awoke’ crying uncontrollably because I wanted to “stay with the angels”, to be told by
adults around me that it was just a dream.

The feelings of that experience have never faded, but for much of my life neither did feelings of rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, and anger, to name just a few.

My search for peace included Transcendental Meditation, and training in many different forms of healing including aromatherapy, Reiki, EFT, hypnosis, past life
regression, shamanic practices and an MSc in Alternative Approaches to Healing which basically focused on quantum physics to help understand the vibrational
reality of existence. We are complex beings and there is no one healing modality that resolves all human problems, but each of the above continue to contribute to
my ongoing peace.

Emotion Code is a beautifully simple healing methodology that helps us to connect to and then release unresolved emotions, some of which may have long been hidden
from our conscious mind.

It’s my joy to share the session with you.

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