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Energy Medicine 101 - Maria Barrington

​​The energy body is profoundly affected at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level by drum beats and rhythms. Perhaps because drum beats can mimic the beat of our mother's heart that accompanied all our dreams while developing within the womb.

We will use frame drums, sometimes called shamanic or ceremonial drums during this workshop. Working with a partner you will allow the drum resonance to identify any unbalanced areas of energy,then use the drum to harmonise the imbalance.

We'll perform a healing drum circle to enjoy the wonderful experience of communal drumming.

Finally I will drum to accompany your journey to connect with a Power Animal.

Maria’s personal information

As a child I had an out of body experience where I went ‘home’. I did not connect with Divine Source, but with two angels who, while surrounding me with unconditional love, told me I could not stay. I was devastated and to say I developed into an angry teenager would be an understatement – I felt abandoned and rejected and after many unsuccessful attempts to reconnect to that blissful state, I felt a failure. It was many years before I was able to reconnect and to understand that I had made the choice to continue with the physical journey. This realisation brought with it a degree of peace.

During the intervening years I studied many spiritual pathways incorporating different types of meditation and healing practices originating principally in the East, but also from the Celtic traditions.

During the 1990s I stumbled across Touch for Health, a lay-person’s introduction to kinesiology. I completed all 4 levels of Touch for Health then continued my study into various strands of Kinesiology. I later discovered Donna Eden and studied a number of modules of Eden Energy Medicine, and later still qualified with Dr Brad Nelson as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. When I had a heart attack it was energy medicine that helped me connect and communicate with my inner wisdom and guided my return to health.

More recently I have qualified as a Bio-Resonance practitioner using electronic appliances to provide biological and energetic feedback. While I and my clients enjoy the visual information of shifts in energy that accompanies the use of electronic equipment and find it very useful, I personally don’t feel the same energetic shifts that I experience when receiving Energy Medicine with human touch. In some respects I am very much a Luddite and prefer the experience that arises when two or more humans come together with an intention to help or heal. I look forward to connecting with you during this workshop.