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Mindset: How To Achieve Your Dreams - James Ainsworth

​Our beliefs create our reality. Little do people know most of our beliefs are created before the age of 7. The key to your dreams is in the subconscious mind and knowing how to change it.

During the workshop we will look at a six step process from being conscious of what you really want in your life, to understanding where you struggle and then how to change it.

We can all say we want to be a millionaire, but what is holding you back from achieving it?

Deep down is that what you really want?

Have you really spent time thinking about it?

What does it feel like?

What physically can you see?

What would it smell like?

This workshop will open your eyes to what is possible.

About James

​​I am a Psych-K facilitator and help clients break free from old habits and transforming their lives. Psych-k is a fantastically simple method to change self limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind, where both constructive and destructive patterns originate.

​Kinesiology or muscle testing is used to establish a communication system which can then be used to accurately identify subconscious truths (beliefs, values and experiences). Due to past experiences we tend to dominate one side of the brain. Using the Psych-K method both sides of the brain can be combined to create a whole brain state. Being in a whole-brain state is ideal for changing self limiting or negative subconscious beliefs, such as low confidence, low self esteem, fears and much much more.

I am also a fully qualified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach with 5 years experience with clients, and also recently qualified as a Reiki Practitioner.