Dowsing and Geomancy - Ken Collinson

Ken has been dowsing ever since is Grandmother who was a medium and known water dowser cut him his first traditional dowsing hazel twig when he was seven years old, Ken has been dowsing ever since. ken who is known as a Spiritual dowser shares his skills by working with the Waverley dowsing group in Surrey. 
Course -  Practical Dowsing.
Ken will be providing the lessons required to dowse for water and Earth energies but he will also introduce people to practical dowsing and how to dowse in everyday situations which will strengthen and hone their skills for the times they wish to start searching using information dowsing. As part of the lessons (depending on the site of the festival) we will dowse for water, Earth energies and detrimental energies, Ken will also share as much information about dowsing as the lesson time will afford, which may include dowsing your Chakra's for imbalance. There will be no need to bring any equipment, Ken will provide Dowsing rods and pendulums for the lessons.
How does Dowsing work
Dowsing is now believed to work through the medium of the Torsion field, Torsion energy waves have the ability to propagate throughout the Universe instantly and may be using the same medium that is used with 'Entanglement' a known scientifically proven quantum effect which as of yet, scientists are unable to quantify, but are able to observe and experience through experiments.