Tap & Release... Guilt & Shame, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) - Gill Pinnington


I SHOULD.... be happier... be more successful... have gotten over him/her... be fitter... have more
money... have a partner... be thinner... be able to do this... know better... put myself first... do
more... be more confident... love myself... be enough…” The list goes on.

What do you tell yourself you ‘should’ be, do or have?

Every time we say "I should...." we are saying that we are wrong, we have failed, that we are not
enough. We fall into a cycle of shame and guilt that grows stronger each time we, consciously and/or
unconsciously, say that we ‘should’ be, do or have something different.

If you are ready to…
 Let yourself off the hook
 Release the cycle of shame and guilt
 Get un-stuck and start moving forward
 Raise your vibration
 Believe that you are enough, just as you are
Then this workshop is for you!

About this workshop

o Includes a small amount of (private) writing, EFT/tapping and a releasing ritual
o Suitable for novice and experienced EFT/tappers alike
o It’s experiential, you’ll be asked to tune into your emotions
o You don’t have to share your life story with the group
o Everyone over the age of 16 welcome

About EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping)

EFT offers a truly holistic approach to healing, health and wellbeing. It connects your emotional
health and physical health, clearing emotional barriers, removing limiting beliefs and transforming
trauma to support your body's ideal healing and preventative powers. 

EFT moves stuck energy around your body, raising your vibration, and could be just the catalyst you
are looking for to bring about change in your life. It's also proven to reduce stress in your body and
mind.  EFT can be used by people of all ages and once learned it is a simple yet effective way to
remain in control of your emotions and move forward in life. 

EFT can help you to:
·        release stuck emotions 
·        find balance and calm 
·        feel good about yourself, right now
·        transform unhelpful thoughts and behaviours 
·        Relieve/release any emotional or physical issue you have


About Gill

After a lifetime of being overweight, unhappy and often depressed, my life was transformed through using Emotional Freedom Technique
(also known as EFT or tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting to clear the limiting beliefs, stress and trauma that held mein negative
patterns since childhood. Now, as an experienced practitioner of these and other techniques, I work intuitively and my passion is in helping people to move forward,
supporting and empowering them to lead an authentic and happy life.