Crystalline Web Therapy, Crystal Healing & Transformational Sessions - Crystalline Goldenhart

Crystalline Web + Crystal Lightbody Healing with crystals (including face) – Special Festival Price 60 mins £55
Crystalline Web & Crystal Facial Healing – Special Festival price 30 mins £30

The Crystalline Web made from clear quartz crystals and Herkimer Diamonds is laid on your face during the treatment. The design of the web activates healing through
the crystals and diamonds emitting piezo and pyro electricity directly into your energy field.  Here the neurological system in your body picks up on the light therapy enabling
it to heal at a mental, emotional and physical (or cellular) level. It’s a non-invasive form of vibrational therapy that creates a biophotonic experience (the Greek βίος meaning ‘life’ and φῶς
meaning ‘light’) which results in relaxation, rejuvenation and transformation.  

This is achieved by combining the crystal web of light with a full crystal massage (clothed). The crystal web is a gentle non-invasive form of vibrational therapy designed to trigger a
response from the acupressure points in the face, resulting in a whole body relaxation experience, the crystals have been carefully selected for their natural ability to emit a high
vibrational light frequency (life giving energy) that will gently stimulate cell renewal in the face, tighten the muscles and calm the neurological system.

They’ve been carefully strung together by hand to ensure that they activate the acupressure points in the face. The results have been outstanding
reporting rejuvenation, healthy, younger looking skin growth and an uplifted more positive attitude toward the ageing process.

Heart tune-in with Reading + Activation – Special Festival Price: £30 (30 mins)

This involves connecting from my heart to yours (with your permission) to tune into your heart & channel a reading & guidance on any blocks in your heart &

life, including a powerful heart activation to open & expand it.

Transformational Past Life Journey + Alignment Attunement – Special Festival Price: £55 (60-90 mins)

We unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes, beliefs, imprints, programs & relationship dynamics from past lives into our current life.
Many times this benefits where we have certain gifts & talents. Other times, traumatic experiences – like a violent death or loss of a loved one, fears,
phobias are left unresolved & these keep being activated in our lives to be healed and released.

How it works
You will be guided into a safe gentle relaxed state & regressed back to the time & place where the original activating event occurred.
It helps to release karmic vows and contracts made in other lives stopping you from moving forward.
You can also access strengths, accomplishments, gifts & talents from other lifetimes, clarify direction & life purpose.

The session will be completed with an attunement bringing you back into alignment with your new frequency.

Multi-Dimensional Future Life Transcendence Journey + Alignment Activation – Special Festival Price: £55 (60-90 mins)

What is Future Life Transcendence?
Future Life Progression is a simple & easy process that allows you to get insights into your future and bring back the wisdom, tools, gifts and
consciousness of that future to embody and use in your current life. You can also access your future self & future lives.

How it works
You will be guided into a safe gentle relaxed state & taken forward into the future, receive guidance & an activation to vibrationally align you with your
new frequency.

About Crystalline
Crystalline has been on a deep healing spiritual path for over 20 years, which included training in different healing modalities & continues to evolve.
She works intuitively & channels from the heart, embodies her teachings and work & works as a heart coach, loveheart alchemist & spiritual teacher and loves
her work.

Her passion & purpose is to help people to open their hearts to receive & embody the full abundance of who they are, their highest potential & live from their hearts. 


To book a session with Crystalline please either email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 07711 277283.