Pilates for back, neck and pelvic floor - Sara Dennis

For those of you who thought you inherited problems controlling your bladder think again!
Our Pelvic floor muscles are one of the most under used muscles in the body.

Suffering from neck and back issues? This is an area which Sara specialises in.

Sara will be happy to teach individual sessions on Tuesday 14th August only.
The price will be £30 for a one hour session usually £46. Call 07780 996454 to


About Sara:

Sara comes from many years of teaching fitness, until the birth of her 2nd child and a serious back injury. 
This made her start to think of a new way of working with her body, to find better health. She realised her body did not in fact want to be forced to do more and more. 
Her body she realised was much more intelligent than that and had said no!
She spent a while looking at Pilates and after a less than satisfactory teaching course, she was introduced to the PILATES FOUNDATION. 
She has never looked back. Her training to firstly teach mat Pilates and then teach on the machines Joseph Pilates, designed look her nearly 6 years of amazing learning, which she continues to this day.