Shamanic Healing - Valerie Stagg

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing practised by shamans in indigenous cultures all over the world.

Shamanic Healing is supported by the natural world and by spirit guides such as power animals and spirit teachers.
Sound is usually an important part of a healing ceremony, connecting with the spirit world and enhancing the healing through the transformative vibrations of drum, rattle and voice.

A very powerful aspect of a Shamanic Healing session is: Soul Retrieval: in which parts of the soul which have been lost due to traumatic events, are retrieved and restored to the client to bring about
wholeness and healing.

Extraction: negative energies which are bringing disharmony to the client’s energy field are removed.

Cord cutting: negative ties to other people are cut, thus aiding both parties.

All sessions are individual and balance and energise the energy body through Sound, hands-on-healing, smoke, feathers and Shiatsu, always guided by the Spirits!

Val trained as a Shamanic Practitioner with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre.
She is also a Reiki Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner and Sound Healer. 
Val has been on a conscious healing path for many years and is passionate about supporting others on their journeys to healing a balance.

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Individual 60/90 minute sessions available at special festival prices - £30/50
Contact Val directly for private sessions on 07952 514421