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Sound Circle Meditation - Judith Quin

Come and experience this beautifully simple meditation and powerful self-healing. If you find silent meditation challenging, or you find it challenging to connect to, or express yourself, this is a wonderful way of finding release from the mental noise that can restrict us all.

Voice-vibration sounding is not singing, there is no right or wrong note. The sound circle uses sound to physically change your cell-vibration to let go of stress, to remember how to breathe and to find your true voice.

I start the meditation with exercises to connect breath to body, then to voice, then gently guide the group through each chakra sound and in to open sounding. The sounding comes to its own natural conclusion and we sit in silence in the energy created.

Sound is a powerful healing tool, do not be surprised if you have an emotional response to making sound, it is nothing unusual.

About Judith

Judith is passionate about transforming lives through liberating voices. She helps her clients recognise and release their restrictions around self-expression by exploring the brain/body/breath/vibration connection. Combining her skills as a voice-vibration sound healer, massage therapist, qualified life-coach and classically trained actress, Judith creates powerful results. When you embody your voice, release old energetic beliefs and blocks, re-connect to your spiritual self and passion behind your purpose, you can express yourself with more clarity, confidence and conviction, whatever the situation.

If you want to make a difference in your life, step in to the power of you, if you want to make ripples in your world, well words make waves. So speak with the power of Your Whole Voice. Judith is also an international public speaker, author of ‘Stop Should-ing. Start Wanting.’ and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe.

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