Find Your Voice At Sun & Moon Choir - Carol Donaldson

So you think you can’t sing? Come and learn how to free your natural voice using fun and gentle techniques.
Open to all, from experienced singers to those who only sing in the bath... and especially for those who‘ve been told they can’t sing.

We’ll learn to sing in group harmony a range of beautiful songs from the 4 corners of the globe, old and new - from the hills of Macedonia to uplifting Zulu anthems, from
sacred to secular. All accessible, soulful and from the heart.

By the end of the week we’ll have created an amazing set of songs we can share. 
Let the ancient power of group singing de-stress, un-inhibit and up-lift you.

Carol will lead a daily choir session, with a choir show at the end of the week.

About Carol.
I’ve been a professional musician all my life and have been leading singing workshops and choirs for the last 18 years of it.

I’m very interested in the group energy that’s created by singing songs together – ‘entrainment’ happens, like a flock of birds changing direction at the same time,
our heart beats synchronise when we sing in a group. There’s studies’ showing the electro-magnetic charge around the heart increases in this setting and conjoins to
create a group field. All I know is – it feels good!

I’m a member of the Natural Voice Network and use the ‘Natural Voice’ approach - 
we all have a voice but are often too scared to use it. My aim is to free the natural
voice bursting to get out of all of us, using a variety of gentle and fun techniques, then we can get ourselves out the way, let go and surrender to the power of the song!

I run six community choirs including the 100-strong Wrexham Community Choir, 
OPEN VOICE in Manchester, the Melody Macs for MacMillan, Calder Valley Voices
in Hebden Bridge and more.

I’m also a theatre MD/ composer and have written several original musicals and plays 
with songs for rep theatre.