Expression workshops include musical expression, singing, acting and more. Below are the workshops confirmed to date, although the full program will not be confirmed until the end of March. Normally each teacher will teach 3 sessions during the week, so if you miss one session one day, you can catch it on another day:


African Drumming - Stone Red Fire

Ritual Contemplative African Drumming

Authentic Relating Games - Amy HoopLovin

Participants often feel like they're arriving to a room full of strangers and leave feeling like lifelong friends.

Creative Writing (adults only) - Maureen Levy

Come; play with words and ideas in this creative writing class...


Guitar Workshop - Andy Gilbert

​Unlock the technique of improvising. You just need a guitar and time to practise...

Hang and Udu Workshop - Barry Mason

Learn to play these incredible instruments.
Once heard, never forgotten.

Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation - Anna Pearse

A simple and effective form of meditation...

Mindfulness, Rhythm & Sounds - Craig Winterburn & Natalie Hewett

Incorporating the concepts of mindfulness, within an exploration of sounds and rhythm...

Music & Dance - ​Magdalena Atkinson

Morning chants, shakti dance... and more.

Pathways to the Voice - Lucy Wylde

Move towards a better understanding and connection to your voice...

Poetry and Spoken Word Stage

An 'Open Stage' for sharing poetry and the written word.

Shamanic Drumming Circle - Jonathan Weekes

Bathe in the sacred rhythms of the drum...

Songwriting Workshop - Anita Jardine

Ignite the flame of your creativity from within.

Tai Chi - Rosie Harris

Tai Chi improves body balance and also produces a meditative, relaxed mind...

You Having A Laugh: The Spirit of Improvisation - Jon Athawes

A laughter filled session which teaches the skills of improvisation in a positive and supportive environment...