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Afro Brazilian Dance - Bridget Withycombe Wharton

What to expect:

A full on work out! These workshops are fun, fast and exhilarating.
Afro Brazilian dance is fast paced and energetic but all are welcome to participate. Bridget's intention is to work with the West African Orixa’s and introduce a deity along with their individual movements.
Each Orixa has its own personality and through dance/movement we can embrace and express these energies.

A little about Bridget:

Personally for me dance is the ‘unheard voice’ I feel truly blessed to have discovered this form of expression. Forever grateful………………

My passions are enthused by the traditions and styles of Samba and African dance.This has been my inspiration for movement and music activities with all mentioned below. These energies continually fuel my spirit and the need to share……………

Initially I began to intuitively use movement to aid learning for those with alternative learning styles within primary school, this quickly developed into working withperforming arts, dance fitness, Carnival and community celebrations. I regularly visit schools as part of their enrichment days.