There are two dance studios at Sun and Moon, with different forms of dance to try out throughout the day. Below are the dance sessions confirmed to date, although the full program will not be confirmed until the end of March. Normally each teacher will teach 3 sessions during the week, so if you miss one session one day, you can catch it on another day:


Absolute Beginners 1950s Rock n Roll dancing with Sarah-Jane Miller

Sarah-Jane has been teaching 1950s Rock n Roll dance to absolute beginners since 2012...

Biodance - Ingrid Slack

Biodance is good for the body, good for the soul and good for the mind...

Contact Dance Improvisation Workshop & Jam - Stone Red Fire

A fusion of meditation, yoga, acrobatics, tai chi, and dance...

Contemporary Dance: Imagination and Communication - Lewis Wheeler

"Dance first. Think later. It is the natural order" Samuel Beckett

Dance Of Awareness - Nick & Lou

Let go into the Dance of Awareness.
Find your own dance, free your energy, enjoy your body in movement, touch your own inner wisdom and joy.

Dance of the Heart: Law of Attraction - Karen Skehel

Dance of the Heart moves from the liberating and joyfully uplifting through to a transcendent, flowing, inner experience....


Ecstatic Dance - Hart Floe

Downtempo, exotic, spiritual sounding dance beats...

Shakti Dance and Ecstatic Dance - Tess John

A harmonious blend of Flowing Yoga Stretches, Energising Dance Exercises, Free Dance Meditation, Relaxation and Synchronised Mantra with Movement...

Temple Dance - Dorina Richards

A religious form of sacred ecstatic dance, aiming to please the divine spirit.