Home Grown Style

We have so much home grown talent within our festival community, so this year, for the first time, we have an official space available for those who would like to perform.

Artists include:
Magdalena Atkinson - with 'A Lyrical Romance of Beauty & Power' - a soulful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and yogini.

Her music gently heals confusion, empowers and inspires. Experience her truly magical and eclectic voice, at times touching your heart with its gentle quality and at others lifting your spirit with its power and resonance.
"Magdalena’s voice is simply beautiful - Tori Amos meets Joni Mitchell. Her range is fantastic, her love for performing live shines out"

Favio Lopez  - with over thirty years experience, the Argentine music composer and solo artist Favio Lopez will show his latest creations. 
From heartfelt, sensitive melodies to weird electronic, rhythmic experiments, Favio Lopez’s music takes you on a trip where anything could happen, 
from middle eastern melodies to pop ballads, from electronica to solo piano.
Favio plays keyboards and drum machines and sings live. He performs with his laptop, bringing his orchestrations with him. 

Lucy Wylde - celestial, unique and unforgettable.  Lucy has a passion to bring people together through music, to open their hearts and unite their souls one by one,

through the power of the voice and message through her songs.