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Shamanic Sound Bath - Leticia and Quinto

Together their mission is to heal the hearts and minds of humanity and mother earth herself, so that we may let go of fear and go forward as one, with trusting, open hearts.

These respected Shaman answer calls worldwide for assistance in healing ancient wounds in the DNA, activating medicine wheels, vortices and earth lines.

From Leticia and Quinto:

It is with great pleasure and love we share a deep guided meditation and channelled musical sound bath with native american flute, keyboards, bells, voice, native drum and chants. This a profound journey to the core of the self, extraordinary, uplifting, unique. Through sound and inspirational guidance we will take you on a beautiful guided journey back to your core, to heal your deepest self on all levels - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

This workshop will restore and reawaken you to the truth and beauty of your shimmering essence.

About Leticia and Quinto:

LETICIA, a visionary, wise in the ways of Native American Shamanism, Astrology and Psychology, is a published author who has given workshops and talks worldwide – to re-connect us to our true essence. She been working to help and heal humanity for over 30 years.

QUINTO is a Magician, Music Therapist and Inca Shaman (honoured with the title Pampamisayoq - Priest of The Earth). He has dedicated his life to improving the human condition through inspirational music, powerful and unique healing and wise guidance.

They combine their knowledge and transformational skills with the practical wisdom and experience gained from their own life journeys, deep studies of humanity and their committed, sacred approach to healing.