Children's Books For Adults - Caroline Young

Of all my treasured memories two are special - the one of my father reading to me as a child, the other of the books I shared with my own child. 
Amongst the things I particularly enjoy are children's books that have something to say to all ages.
This summer I’d like to share some of the wonderful stories from these categories with you. 
I’d like to take you back to that joyful place where someone reads to you AND shows you the pictures!  That's it - an opportunity to travel back in time. 
If you have a favourite children’s book or a story from your childhood that you think will be enjoyed by others then please bring it to share. 
You may like to read it yourself and/or contact me prior to SaM via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we can find another reader.

You may choose to invite a child to join you and they will be very welcome provided you stay together. 
It is with regret that lone children under the age of 12 will need to find an adult to accompany them.