Henna Workshops - Cath McDermott and Elise (Freddy) Shortman

Offering Henna design workshops for adults and older children. 

Come along and learn a little 
about the history of henna, the different traditions and its application, plus design and apply your own
henna tattoo.

For younger children there will be a session in which they can choose and have applied a henna
design... or alternatively a design with facepaints for face, hands or body.


About Cath and Freddy

Cath has run a variety of festival workshops for children and adults over many years. 
These have included drama, hula hooping, parachute games and body art. 

At home Cathy is an F.E teacher, a carer and run workshops for people with learning disabilities.
Her daughter Freddy now runs workshops with Cathy. 

Freddy works in Childcare and Outdoor Adventure.