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Japanese Cinema with the Studio Ghibli films

We are going to be showing 6 Studio Ghibli films starting with the flagship 'My Neighbour Totoro.'

Totoro: An endearing fairytale of 2 girls who move with their father into a haunted house and make friends with a forest spirit.

Spirited Away: An academy award winning spiritual animation about a girl who gets sucked into the spirit world and has to work at a bath house to free herself and her parents.

Pom Poko: Isao Takahata's masterpiece about the destruction of the forests around Tokyo in the middle of the 20th century and the effect is has on the wildlife, focussing on transforming racoons!

Howl's Moving Castle: A beautiful adaptation of a book by Dianne Wynn Jones. A girl is cursed and seeks Howl (a powerful magician) to undo the spell, meeting lots of friends along the way.

The Castle of Cagliostro: Hayao Miyazaki's first feature length film based on a a cartoon series that he created in his early days of animation follows a couple of thieves on the trail of a rich and powerful corrupt count.

The Cat Returns: A fun filled escapade of a girl who gets transformed into a cat and has to find a way back to her human form.