Mindfulness Meditation - Sue Morton

Mindfulness is a way of exercising your brain, which helps to improve focus and concentration.

Through this process of focus of awareness the stress response naturally declines and the body and mind are able to come back into balance.

It is the practice of paying attention - to thoughts, physical sensations, and the environment - without constantly feeling the need to judge what’s happening or to make it
other than what it is.

By cultivating this present moment awareness, we learn to pay attention on purpose, with an attitude of kindness to ourselves and others.

By practising meditation you can create enough space in your head so that when you get angry, upset or caught up in a story you are less likely to act on it impulsively and can
essentially rewire your brain.

Paying attention enables us to get off autopilot and moves us beyond the emotive loops we can trap ourselves in.

Each time you practice you're building up an area in your brain that corresponds with your ability to pay attention. Your thinking mind will distract you... but if you keep practising focus
the benefits are biological, psychological and neurological.

Sue will be running mindfulness meditations while at the festival, with an hour for each session. She will also offer a loving kindness meditation.