Cocktail of Meditations - Karen Skehel

Learn and experience many different meditation practices:  including Mindfulness, Guided Meditation, Loving Kindness and Moving Meditation
to bring you peace of mind and insight.

Karen says “I have trained in many different meditation modalities and have found that different meditations suit different purposes and different people.
My favourite is both easy to do and very effective, even for those who say “they can’t meditate”.
This is a life enhancing meditation which blends Body Mindfulness with the practices of love and gratitude.

This is an extraordinary powerful meditation (which if practised regularly) clears both short and long term emotional suffering, such as stress, negativity,  
depression and anxiety as well as creating more “feel good” for those who are feeling OK, or better.

It’s great for those who have struggled with meditation as well as for those who have included meditation in their lives. (In each class, I usually share several of my other favourite meditations too).

Karen says “Even though I have been meditating for 20 years, I felt inspired to review the benefits of meditation.
There are so many documented benefits to our health and well-being.


About Karen
Over more than 14 years, I have helped thousands of clients with their “well-being” and “feel good” through a combination of individual sessions,
workshops and retreats, plus many millions have watched my work on BBC1, ITV and international TV.
You may have seen my long term contributions to Natural Health Magazine too (I wrote for them over a four year period.)

As a facilitator of “well-being” and “feel good”, I am unusual in that I have a broad repertoire of offerings and a wide range of skills in transformational
coaching and coaching supervision; leading meditations, teaching dance meditation, and in energy work.