Dowsing - Jane Gambrill

Jane is offering two workshops – the first is for people who have never worked with pendulums or think they can’t dowse.
Jane will show you how easy it is how to make a pendulum out of just about anything 
and offer lots of guidance.
She will also introduce the concept of Holistic Health.

The second workshop is focused on how to improve one’s Holistic Health, working through a
comprehensive workbook which she has compiled,
a copy of which will be yours to take away.
This is a 
fascinating and enlightening process assisting you to make dietary choices - for example, based on your own body’s needs.
It will be helpful if attendees are familiar with using a pendulum.

If you have any questions about the workshops, do approach Jane.

About Jane

Jane has been dowsing for a number of years, preferring to work with pendulums. She uses dowsing every day in a myriad of ways and is passionate about 
helping people connect with their own bodies in order to improve their Holistic Health – Total Health and Wellbeing.