101: Creating a Personal Sacred Space - Linzi Martin

​What we see, smell and touch affects us. Having a personal special space can be used to enable a fresh start in life and create a calm 
and uncluttered physical, emotional and mental space. 

We can feel inspired, uplifted, encouraged and the space can be used to honour a special event or person. 
A religious tradition in many cultures, it doesn't have to be, let's re-establish this practice making it our own!

In this 101 workshop you'll:

*decide what your sacred space is for, what are your inspirations. Example: setting an intention, making a reflective space, a gratitude altar, yoga practice, observing cycles of life and nature.
*get ideas for what to display - fabrics, colours, cards, devotional
*preparing the space
*make a plan of creation and establish a regular habit

A personal Sacred Space is a designated area for reflection, prayer, meditation, a quiet pause moment. 
For offering gratitude, honouring a person or event. Our life is so full of doing, it's beautiful just to be in the moment, mindful. 
A sacred space offers that, even if you simply read a book there, stare out of the window with a cup of your favourite hot drink or practice yoga.

About Linzi
Linzi published one of the first eco and natural health focused regional magazines, Eureka. 
She studied space clearing with the acclaimed Karen Kingston and is an experienced health therapist. 
She's the creator of Pause Moments For You - micro mindfulness awareness and 2SimplifyLife - lifestyle management concierge. 
Linzi is passionate about working with people to clear and organise their home space, enabling a positive change for her clients. 
A wise woman on life's journey, she is creative, a multi potentialist, adult teacher and international Bil conference speaker. 
A lover of walking the dog on a Sunday morning and a few finer things - good coffee, tiramisu and home grown veggies.​