Hand Pan Gong Baths - Chrissy Hedge

Chrissy will be playing hand pan and using bells, gongs, chakra tubes, drone flutes and singing chants that come from the soul using notes that connect to the spirit.

These will be sound journeys to really take you off to another world, along with guided meditations to trust and realise your voice.

She will offer guided deep breathing with beautiful hand pan music, to allow you to drift off and relax...

You will experience the amazing chakra tubes that clean the energy points of the body; each session we will work with different chakras to unblock any thoughts or energy in that area, and you will be invited
to inner chant with Chrissy, using sounds and vowels if you wish too.

In this modern, technology-driven world, stress has become a part of almost everyone’s lives. Stress has adverse effects on one’s body, mind, and interactions with others.
Sometimes, stress makes you feel so stressed out that even sleep may seem like a task to complete.

Sound therapy is a form of holistic healing and has found a place in alternative medicine for managing stress and healing the mind. It uses different ways to calm the body and mind.

One of the greatest advantages of a sound bath is that anyone can join the sessions. All it needs is your body and mind to be present in the room.
While you may find it difficult to exercise well without the help of a trainer, sound baths don’t require a trainer to teach you how to relax or calm the mind.
You are your own teacher and you can take control of your mind in a sound bath. You get to know yourself better, which can help you in your daily tasks.