Feng Shui to Re-energise you and your home - Vicky Sweetlove

This workshop will teach you the basics of Feng Shui and will enable absolute beginners to get a taste of what Feng Shui is all about and to learn some of the techniques involved to use within your own home.

You will know about the life areas in your home

how the five elements work in colour schemes in your home,

you will be able to bring balance with yin and yang,

Know what the energy zappers are in your life

Connect with the energy of your home to acknowledge the changes that need to take place for you to move forward

You will learn how to find your best directions to sit, sleep and work

Feng Shui recommendations for the year of the Pig.


Vicky Sweetlove

Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Dowser,

Shaman, Author and Akashic Records Consultant

Feng Shui Life