Who Am I? Building Self Esteem for Children - Leone Ellis

Who am I? Developing a Sense of Self and Building Self Esteem for children aged 8-12

This is a set of 3 workshops designed to all be attended by the same group of 10 or so children, aged between 8-12.

Life can be tricky at this pre-teen age time, as children land fully into awareness of the real world - their use of magical thinking and fantasy begin to fade. 
Using discussion, games, and art therapy  I aim to explore each child's sense of self and help them develop a positive self image embracing every aspect of 
themselves, the shadow and the light. 

We will work on a collage using mixed media of words and images to create a self portrait, and make masks of who we are inside and 
what we chose to show the world. There will be energetic games and fun role play to explore our character traits.

Time to share and integrate will be included in the workshop using relaxation techniques.

About Leone

These sessions may feel therapeutic and will be held as if a therapy session but I am not aiming for this to be therapy as it would not be ethical 
to do so in this context and with this number of children. If they would like to bring a printed photograph of themselves to add to their collage that would be good.
I have worked as a play therapist in a range of contexts for over 12 years.  I have a Masters degree in Practice-based Play Therapy and post-graduate qualifications 
in Filial Play Coaching and as a Creative Arts Counsellor for Children and Young People. 

My approach is non-directive and I am committed to non-judgement and compassion as core values in my work. 
I work in schools, with individual children and with groups and run my own private practice where I work with children and their families in Exeter, ~
using a whole range of approaches, including forest skills.