Gentle Curiosity: Scaravelli Somatic Yoga - Philippe Christof

What would it be like…
...if yoga could be fun and playful?
...if you could practice yoga with gentleness and curiosity?
...if you could start to develop a kind and friendly relationship with your body?
...if you could find openness and freedom in the body through learning to connect with your feelings and sensations?

These workshops are suitable for everyone, and contain opportunities to learn something new.
Suitable for those people who think of themselves as ‘too un-bendy for yoga’, right through to real 
yoga-fans who might be interested in exploring a different tradition of yoga.

What is Scaravelli Somatic Yoga?

Somatics refers to 'the body as perceived from within' and points to therapeutic practices 
which encourage listening into internal physical sensations and feelings as a direction for
healing and bringing about integration. Vanda Scaravelli was a highly influential yoga teacher who taught how effective and interesting yoga could integrate softer ‘natural body
movements’ in relation to gravity. Scaravelli-Inspired yoga has a certain feel or texture to it, rather than it being a particular brand of yoga.

About Philippe

Philippe encountered yoga when he was 8 years old through his inspirational yoga teacher 
grandmother (she is still practising today into her 80’s).
Yoga in one form or another has 
been his companion ever since. In 2010 he was introduced to a radically new way of learning yoga at a festival inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.
This approach centred on the feelings and inner life of the person practising and a sense of ‘un-doing’, rather than any external idea of ‘harsh ambition’, ‘getting it right’ or ‘fixing the
body’ (in both senses).
This led Philippe on a path that completely changed his practice, 
but at the same time brought him back home to the kind, original and uncomplicated teachings of his grandmother.

Philippe studied the Scaravelli Tradition of Yoga with the London Yoga Teaching Group 
and is a British Wheel qualified teacher (500hr Diploma BWY). He teaches in Central
London (Vauxhall) under the name