Indian Head Massage Workshop - Emma Burton

Come, learn and enjoy the healing and relaxing benefits of Indian head massage. 

Emma will be teaching basic moves that all can do and remember (work sheets will be provided) for you to treat a loved one to a deeply soothing ultra relaxing massage -
or teach them how to give you a super chillin' Indian head massage back!    

Ayurveda teaches that mind, body and spirit are one in truth, so affecting one affects them all.
A therapy treatment is deeply relaxing, easing strains from the upper body and removing stagnant energies that have accumulated around the major energy centres.

Indian Head Massage is ideal for everyday stress relief and the alleviation of neck and shoulder tension by inducing a sense of deep relaxation.
Case studies have widely documented the powerful affect of the treatment including relief of headaches, migraines and sinus problems as a result of the variety and combination of techniques used.

Emma says ~

I will try and make it as fun and informative as possible and you will take home a lovely skill.
One to one treatments can be arranged.