Beyond Dreaming - Amanda Hall

Drawing upon 30 years as an NHS Psychologist and Coach and using a specifically developed workbook, individual exercises and discussion,
this workshop will explore, in fine detail, future hopes and aspirations and offer practical advice and support to inspire participants
to overcome barriers to experiencing the fullness of life. 

The invitation is for participants to develop a personal vision of their future, identify blockages and how to step into that future
with clarity, courage and conviction.

This workshop is designed for anyone who feels a bit lost, stuck or uninspired and for those who might need help to not only clarify
their dreams and goals for the future but to help realise those dreams to the fullest. It will challenge long-held barriers to change,
life clutter and negative assumptions and provide ways to overcome emotional blockages. 
More about Amanda - 
I'm a Consultant Psychologist who has just left the NHS tafter 30 years to develop my own private practice.
I offer positive psychology approaches to life coaching (and professional organisation and decluttering).