Vision Board - Alexia Severis

Designed to be fun and relaxing. In this workshop you will be making a piece of artwork with collage, drawing, painting, etc. that is to be a visual cue for your current life desires.
The premise is that “the universe loves a symbolic gesture” and putting on paper what we want to achieve helps set in motion the manifestation of that which we wish to create in our lives.
The formula is “Intentions +focus+ matching actions = Manifestation” If we know what we need and are clear about what we want we can bring it into being.
No artistic skill or previous experience needed. Open to all ages. Under 11 years old with a supervising adult please.
BIO - Alexia Severis BA hons, MA hons MBACP
I am a Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist specialised in working with Young People, Parents and Expectant Mothers. I work with an open heart and mind to meet each individual’s needs.
I have degrees in both Psychology and Counselling and a rich experience spanning well over two decades of clinical practice equalling over 14,000 client consultation hours.
I also work as a Life Coach, Clinical Supervisor, Group Therapy Facilitator, Workshop Creator and Leader. 
I have a private practice and also work for a private company commissioned by Cornwall Council to work with secondary school & universtiy students.
I am also a practicing Psychic, Medium and expert Tarot Reader having perused a spiritual path from my late teens. I have assisted with police investigations and given guidance, support and hope to many.
I can be reached on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for private skype session bookings.